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What is CRAVE?

Project CRAVE delivered the new Energy Transfer Vendor Portal.

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Benefits to Vendors

Consistency and transparency with agreements and payments is one way Apttus will benefit you, find out more below.

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Getting Access

Getting access to Apttus is easy, just email

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Installing xAuthor

Download xAutor for Excel

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CRAVE. What is it?

Energy Transfer wanted to deliver a complete vendor and agreement management system through a portal. This portal, built on the Apttus platform, will be the hub of activity and provide full transparency between you and Energy Transfer. Through this portal we will provide automatic rate verification on invoices, real-time onboarding, payment tracking and much more. This will deliver a more efficient and full featured work management system.


Benefits. As a vendor, Apttus will benefit you by:

  • Consistency and transparency with agreements and payments.
  • Ability to pre-qualify on Energy Transfer projects.
  • Give you more visibility to Energy Transfer project managers.
  • Manage operator qualifications as required by PHMSA
  • Reductions of audit findings.
  • 24/7 access to contract and contract related information through a portal.

Access. How to Get Access to the Apttus Portal?

To get access to the Energy Transfer portal, email with your first and last name from your company email and we will send you instructions on how to log in.

Training Materials. Learn more about how-to use Apttus?

Use the list below to find the latest training material and tutorial videos from Energy Transfer.

Training Guide
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Video Tutorials

xAuthor. How do you get xAuthor for Excel?

xAuthor for Excel is a simple add-on for excel for you more easily manage your time-sheets and rate-sheets with Energy Transfer. Though xAuthor for Excel you can use the native Excel functionaliy you already know and love to manage your data.

Installation Instructions
  1. Download xAuthor for Excel using the link below
  2. Double click on the executable
  3. Follow the prompts
  4. Once installed, open Excel, click on xAuthor for Excel in the your Excel ribbon
  5. Click on Connect, then enter the connection details that we sent to you in your welcome email

Download xAuthor for Excel

Ethics and Compliance We believe in:

Our values and the Partnership's Business Code provide the guidance and framework for our culture of strong ethics and compliance. Our Business Code can be found at As a valued Energy Transfer vendor, we expect this same commitment in your everyday business actions and decisions as well. Should ever a conflict of interest or compromise to this commitment of compliance and ethics arise, please disclose the matter to Energy Transfer at the following address:

We Beleive In